What is it with these youngsters in Bollywood? They keep running off to chase dreams outside the industry. Sometimes, our actors start crooning out rock music, which is hardly musical! But we are too polite to point that out. Sometimes they become so engrossed in various business interests that their filmi career begins to lack focus. And now, the mother of all surprises…actors have started taking up education instead of focusing on acting! Aaah, what is the world coming to?

Bollywood bombshell Kangana Ranaut gave a very convincing performance in Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Fashion”. There’s no denying that Kangana essayed the role of a drug addict model perfectly. But it seems that she is still down with a hangover from that role. Kangana has decided to study Fashion Designing at a well known college in London.

Apparently, as a teenager, Kangana had a fancy for the profession of designers. After interacting closely with world famous models and designers during the making of “Fashion”, all those unfulfilled dreams have resurfaced. So Kangana is all set to pursue her old dream of making it big in the world of Fashion.

Mind you, Kangana is not the only one who’s going back to school in Bollywood. Actor Abhay Deol has already shifted base to New York for similar reasons. Seemingly, Abhay was so taken by his character in Dev D, that he decided to make some real life similarities with Dev. If you remember, Dev is in USA for some metals course, in the movie. Now Abhay had also enrolled into a “welding and metal works” course.

But hey, you guys need not worry about missing Kangs on the Bollywood scene. This is just a short term course. Kangana will be back in action pretty soon. 3 Cheers to that!

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