The showstopper of a dozen fashion shows in Madhur Bhandarkar’s “Fashion” is a hot topic for discussion these days. You know how filmi gossip is! Who is going out with who, who is marrying who and who is living with who…we want to know everything about everyone!

The latest gossip doing the rounds is about hot item Kangana Ranaut and her lesser known boyfriend, Suman Adhyayan. So who is this “Suman Adhyayan” guy?

Suman (as the name suggests after a little adhyayan) is the son of TV (and Bollywood sometimes) actor and producer Shekhar Suman. You would probably remember Suman if you had a head for remembering flop heroes. This guy made his acting debut in “Haal-E-Dil”, which incidentally, nobody really watched. But things did not end there for the young hero. Suman will now be soon opposite girlfriend Kangana in Vishesh Films’ “Raaz – 2” and “Jashn” from the same camp.

Interestingly, Kangana and Suman portray a “live-in” couple in “Raaz 2”. The couple was so enamored by this portrayal that they decided to try it out for real and have been living together since. Now this “live-in” business is what brings us to the issue of marriage.

Is marriage on the cards? NO! As Shekhar Suman puts it, “He (Adhyayan) is just 20. How can he get married? He has to go a long way.” So it seems settled for now. No wedding bells yet for this young couple in love….

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