Kangana Ranaut, the queen actress is known for her bold and sassy comments. Well, you can’t skip any of her public interactions and recently her statement on Hrithik Roshan is bursting all media lights. Kangana is an actress who is never afraid of speaking her mind in public.

We all are aware of the legal battle that is still on with Kangana and Hrithik yet again the new dig that Kangana has ignited is a new burst in the rivalry portion between them. Kangana openly took a sneer at her Krissh 3 co-star Hrithik Roshan. Let’s just say her comment on the actor is going to leave him incensed, for sure.

The ‘Queen’ star lately featured on Neha Dhupia’s audio chat show #NoFilterNeha and the situation was no different. She pulverized no words and stood true by the #NoFilter tag. The actress struts brusquely with her customary intrepid brashness and made some startling revelations on the show.

On the show when a question was popped by Neha to Kangana asking, “Who would get the Award for ‘Best ‘Thank God they have famous parents or they’d be nowhere’? The blunt answer that she gave to the question was an eye-popping and ear bursting statement. She said without any vagueness how Hrithik would be nowhere if not for his famous parents.

It seems like the seed of hatred that was sowed during her former battles with Hrithik is still very fresh. Well, the direct dig that was made on Hrithik will surely have some consequences.  Is the greek god of Bollywood going to podcast the queen of Bollywood with a battle out in public, like they did last time? Well, we hope not. Let’s see how the cliché is rounding its shape.


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