After hogging a lot of media attention due to its “phoren” connections, Kambakht Ishq is back in news. The film, made by Sajid Nadiadwala, has received an “A-Certificate” from the Censor Board.

The story of an Indian stuntman who makes it big in Hollywood is a first of its kind in Bollywood. For the first time, audiences will watch Hollywood bigwigs like Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone in a Bollywood masala flick. Armed with a USP like that, Sajid probably thought his film could not go wrong anywhere. But it has!

If you are thinking why getting “A-Certificate” is such a big deal, read on. A film that is given “A-Certificate” by the Censor Board, cannot air its promos on TV. Neither can the promos be aired during the break at cinema theatres. The only exception is the commercial break during screening of an A-certified film in cinema halls. As everyone knows, television promos make or mar the fate of films today. Audiences love the sneak peeks and buy a ticket only if they find these promos catchy, stylish and interesting enough. In such a scenario, what will be the fate of Kambakht Ishq? Your guess is as good as our!

But why did the Censor Board do this to Kambakht Ishq? Apparently, Kareena Kapoor & Akshay Kumar call each other dog and bitch, among other abusive names, in the film. A particular dialogue in the film also gives the impression that women are mere items for pleasure of men. This line of thinking and the foul language in the film have not gone down well with the Censor Board. Hence, the reprimand in the form of an “A-Certificate”.

Actually we think that the Censor Board has done a favour to the producers by giving an A Certificate. After all, if the promos were aired and the film was released normally, the women’s organizations would have had a field day protesting against the portrayal of women in the film. Who knows, the film might have even been banned completely! Isn’t an A Certificate much easier to live with?

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