Jasmin is so against Rubina and Abhinav that she was only seen speaking against the couple throughout the Monday’s episode. Soon after the entry of supporters inside the BB14 house, we can only see Jasmin bitching about Rubina all day long.

Rubina, who was excited seeing Jasmin back in the house soon realized that the latter doesn’t share the same feelings about her. It may be recalled that during Jasmin’s first stint, she never got along with Rubina.

Everyone has noticed that Jasmin remains belligerent towards Rubina and Abhinav Shukla. In the time she was gone, Rubina and Aly developed a strong bond. Earlier, while talking to Jasmin, Aly was all praise for Rubina and shared with her how the latter took care of him after she got eliminated. He stated that Rubina would hide things from others, sometimes even from Abhinav and feed him like a mother.

Well, after the entry of Jasmin, she tried to influence Aly against Rubina but he did not pay attention to her. He even requested her to let him play his game according to him. All the conversation with Jasmin against Rubina completely puts Aly Goni on the defensive.

It becomes really tough for Aly to balance both his relationships inside the BB14 house. It certainly is difficult to get stuck in a confused state of whether to support your love or your sister.


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