Jacqueline has always been the fashion diva of Bollywood industry. The actress recently took an extra step and has launched her own fashion label. After Hrithik Roshan, Deepika, Alia Bhatt, it is now Jacqueline Fernandez to launch her own apparel brand. Mojostar is launching Just F – a female-only fitness and fashion brand targeted at the style-conscious and free-spirited Indian women.

According to Mojostar CEO Abhishek Verma, Just F is a comfy addition to vigorous wear range as the segment mostly cover men’s wear and options for women are limited. “Just F is the way of giving female consumers products which cater to their needs and sensibilities.”

In an interview, Mr. Verma said, Just F will unveil a range of sophistication at leisure outfits, covering a range of trends and use cases such as monochromes, floral infuse active wear, club-inspired active wear, functional sports bras, color blocking, etc. The brand has also paid great attention to detail in terms of construction and sizing, designing products which are better suited to the body type of Indian women.

Jacqueline too sounded very excited about her new initiative. In an interview with a leading fashion brand, she said, “I have always believed that fitness and fashion are not destinations, but fun-filled journeys. They are, to me, a way of living, and as such I want my active-wear to reflect my personality and complement my lifestyle. Launching Just F, a feminine take on fitness from my perspective is a big moment for me.”

The brand is expected to inaugurate its products in the market by the second half of May with their variety of offerings priced between Rs 1000 and Rs 3000. We are all proud of Jacqueline’s initiative. 


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