If things go as planned by Shahrukh Khan, Hollywood superstar Jackie Chan may soon be seen at a screen near your place, making his Bollywood debut. This won’t be a romantic saga or a tear jerker sob story. Jackie’s name is synonymous with comedy and martial arts. So that is what he will be seen doing in his Bollywood debut film as well.

Everyone knows that SRK’s production company Red Chillies Entertainment is working on a super hero action film. Ra1, is being touted as a gift from a father to his son, since Aryan Khan is known to love super hero films like most kids his age. It has been reported that Red Chillies Entertainment has approached Jackie Chan to play an important character in <>Ra1, which is being directed by Anubhav Sinha.

The character that has been offered to Jackie is that of a scientist, who is also a martial arts expert. Apparently he will help SRK in beating the baddies of the film. Major action and martial arts scenes can be expected featuring SRK and Jackie. Though the superstar has been sent a script and details of his character in the film, he has not yet signed on the dotted line. But this news has all the “Jackie” and “SRK” fans in the country in rapture with excitement.

Ra1 will be based in Miami, USA. We don’t know what is with all the producers these days. Seems like India is not good enough for them any more! Anyway, not only is the location of Ra1 foreign, all the crew is also being hired from Hollywood. That is pretty understandable actually, considering the kind of special effects that big Hollywood films have. Cinematography will be handled by Ueli Steiger (“The Maiden Heist”) and David Benullo (“Shadow Man”) is the screenwriter.

Let us hope that Red Chillies Entertainment has not only sent the script but also an exemplary monetary offer to Jackie Chan. Jackie has become very choosy about his films lately and is not seen in many projects. His last film The Spy Next Door did not do very well but the star is still hot property. He has been exposed to India and Bollywood through his film The Myth, in which our Mallika Sherawat played a small “but important” part. Mallika made the most of the opportunity, hobnobbing with the “it” crowd everywhere during the film’s promotion and look where she is today!

We hope Jackie finds the script of Ra1 and his character in it to be interesting enough for his approval. It will be historic for Bollywood and the fans will just go crazy!

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