As soon as a relationship gets a little serious, you want to introduce your partner to your loved ones. Since friends are more open, they come before family in this situation. So naturally you want to introduce your boyfriend to your friends. This introduction should not be taken lightly. The first meeting forms a permanent impression in your friends’ minds. More importantly, this also affects their perception of you. So plan and prepare for this meeting with your boyfriend.

How To Prepare For The First Meeting Though you want your boyfriend to be himself, it is a little more important to create the correct first impression. The introduction to your frineds is like a dress rehearsal for his introduction to your parents. Now it seems more important, right? So here are a few things you need to sound out with your boyfriend before the crucial meeting…

Mind Your Manners: Men don’t even realize it when they display their lack of manners. But we ladies do notice, especially when we are expected to evaluate someone! Tell him to display good manners and watch the bad ones. He should stand up to greet the ladies when they arrive and do other such things which impress women even today. More importantly, no nail biting or fingering the nose! That is so YUCK! He should be polite and amiable with everyone, including the waiters.

The Look: If your boyfriend cannot resist appreciating beautiful women around him, he needs to learn now. You are the only women he should appreciate in terms of looks. So he should definitely not ogle or stare at your friends or other women nearby. The ogles and the look should now be reserved for you only.

Talk A Little: If he does not speak to anyone but you, he’s definitely going to be criticized. Tell him to be a ittle friendly and chatty with your friends. But this should be done in limits. That means no flirting with your friends!

Appearance: Appearance plays a big part in the formation of first impressions. Now there is no need for him to show off designer labels. But what is required is that what he wears is clean and well ironed. He should himself be clean and well groomed.

Money Matters: We don’t want your friends to think of him as a pauper. But we don’t him to come across as a show off either. So please tell him to not go on blabbing about his sports cars, branded stuff or luxury items. Let your friends notice all those things on their own in good time…

Sexism: We hope your boyfriend is not sexist. But often guys find sexist jokes funny. So warn him that sexist statements and jokes are not allowed at this meeting.

You may think that all this preparation will somehow be wrong. But just think of it as “improvement”. All these things are necessary if he wants to create a favorable impression on your friends and family. So get on with it…good luck!

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