India’s favorite bahu Akshara, who is otherwise known by the name of Hina Khan, is all set to die. The show has been running for over eight years now and Hina has seen many ups and downs along with her character in the show during these eight years. She feels it is time to say goodbye, and death seems to be the only way as the show will go on!

In Hina’s words, “Yes, I am quitting the show this month. With a heavy heart, my journey in Yeh Rishta has come to an end. Of course, I know people are emotionally attached but everything has a saturation point. I want to progress in my life. Many times I have said I am never going to part from this show but Rajan (Shahi) Sir has taught me that never say never.”

Hina’s costar in the show for many years was actor Karan Mehra, who played her husband NAitik and was much loved across India. Recently Karan Mehra left the show to participate in Bigg Boss. Even Rohan Mehra, who played their son in the show left to appaer in Bigg Boss Season 10. The producers have no inclination to end the show even though the main lead actors have decided to quit. It seems the story will now focus on the characters of next generation, and a whole new set of characters will appear to give the show a fresh and new look. 

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Lavanya Mehra


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