Pakistan has debarred Bollywood and Indian films amid mounting political tension. Yes, you read it right, Pakistan’s Film Exhibitors Association has decided to boycott Indian content.

Pakistan’s Film Exhibitors Association decided to boycott Indian content, Fawad Chaudhry, the country’s information minister, said on Tuesday in the stir of air attacks by Indian forces near the border with Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

“No Indian movies will be released in Pakistan,” he wrote on Twitter. Chaudhry said he had also inculcated PEMRA, Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, against airing Indian advertisements on Pakistani TV channels.

The move came as a replusion to Indian air raids that struck near the northern Pakistani village of Jaba, located about 10km west of the border with Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and 60km from the Line of Control that divides Indian and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

“In the light of the dominant situation, and in solidarity with the government, the film exhibitors’ fraternity has volunteered to focus on local content till normalization of the current situation in the region,” All Pakistan Exhibitors Association Chairman- Zoraiz Lashari said in a statement.

“We believe art and films are universal language that transcend borders and bring people closer. We hope we can all play a positive role in reducing tensions, and supporting policies that bring peace and prosperity to the people of the entire region”, Lashari added.

After the Pulwama attack, Indian film associations has also instructed filmmakers to avoid using any Pakistani talent in their movies and not to release their films in Pakistan.

Well, we can just wait to see what’s coming next after banning movies and art.


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