This is not in reference to any person, living or dead. So if you think of yourself as an idiot and are offended by the title, please relax. We are talking about Raju Hirani’s “3 Idiots”, the biggest release of 2009. Yes, the film has already won that title. Released last Friday, Dec 25th, 3 Idiots has taken the biggest opening ever for a Bollywood film.

Reliance Big Pictures released 3 Idiots in 2126 screens worldwide, out of which 366 screens are abroad. The astounding response from each of these screens has earned the film a record breaking opening. Raju Hirani’s “3 Idiots” has grossed over Rs. 100 crores in the first 4 days only! The film has not only been marketed well, but is also selling on the word-of-mouth publicity. People are continously thronging cinema halls to watch the idiots, sending the cash registers ringing! If you have not seen the film yet, we recommend it as a “must watch”. The sweet story and commendable performances make it a film that must be seen once. Most spectacular are the performances of Boman Irani and Omi Vaidya, who plays the character of “silencer”.

“3 Idiots” is based on award winning author Chetan Bhagat’s “5 Point Someone”. The director has not completely stuck with the story teller’s story, but has remained true to the theme of the book. This is not the first time that Raju Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra have doubled up as a team to give us a feel good film which has become very successful on the box office. Munna Bhai, India’s most loved don, is also a character brought to life by this very duo. When people were expecting them to bring out the third film in Munnabhai series, this director-producer team surprised everyone with a change of plans. Raju says he wanted to try a different film before he started working on his Munnabhai Chale America. But what Raju does not realise is that Munnabhai did not leave him, even though he tried to leave Munnabhai. We could see traces of Munna in the 3 Idiots!

So exactly what is the reason behind this success of the idiots? Is it the story that brings relevant issues to the forefront? Or is it Raju’s style of story telling? Or perhaps the association of Aamir Khan? Aamir, who is also said to be the thinking actor, is known to be something of a perfectionist. He chooses his projects very carefully, and sticks with his rule of 1 film a year. This is the reason why the public eagerly waits for his films. His sheer marketing genius has also been quite miraculous. Why else would a mediocre film like Ghajini taste record breaking success?

Whatever the reason may be, it is clear that Indians love the idiots. Commenting on the huge success of the film, producer Vinod Chopra said, “Response has been overwhelming from all over the world. Aamir, Raju and I knew from the responses earlier on that people liked the film but this is something else… We have got reports from places like Australia that they have reduced ‘AVATAR’ shows and increased ours. 3 IDIOTS is the highest grossing Hindi film ever in Australia on its opening weekend. Similarly in the US, I have been given to understand that 3 IDIOTS would be highest ever for a Hindi film.” Well what can we say? “Long live the idiots!”

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Lavanya Mehra


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