Believe it or not! The decision to take Kites to Cannes has surely paid off well for the Roshans. Not only will “Kites” have an international release, the film is expected to do wonders for apna Hritik Roshan.

The rumor is that several Latin American distributors were awestruck with Hritik’s look in “Kites”. The general perception was that he held an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ. Well, nobody in our times has really seen the son of God, but the way he has been depicted in books or movies is what we are talking about here. A few of the distributors were actually heard saying that Hritik would be perfect for playing Jesus Christ in a Western film.

When papa Rakesh Roshan was asked to comment on this, he sais that he did not really hear anything such being said about Hritik at Cannes. But he did admit that many international distributors liked the trailer of Kites and said that Hritik had very international looks. Now does that mean that we can expect a Hollywood project in Hritik’s kitty sometime soon? Isn’t it such a pity that international audiences are missing out on such a handsome and talented actor?

Meanwhile, back home Hritik is now all set to work for Sanjay Khan Productions’ “Welcome To The Jungle”. Hritik and Zayed will be seen in the lead roles in this film. Hritik plays a wild life explorer in the film and will mostly be seen wearing shorts and khakis. He will have to cut the long glorious hair that he’d grown for Kites, what a pity! The film is a comic caper targeted at the younger audience, which adores Hritik. The film is expected to go on floors by the year end.

While Hritik is now busy making his wife and in laws happy, we wonder what is Barbara Mori up to?

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