Either our Bollywood stars are too impressed with the art of film making, or they simply think that they could do a better job than their directors! Whatever the reason may be, more and more actors are now showing interest in going behind the camera. Aamir Khan has done it. Pankaj Kapur is doing it. Tabu wants to do it. And now, the favorite eye candy for India’s young girls Hritik Roshan is all set to make his directorial debut. This is not a new trend in Bollywood. Don’t forget Rakesh Roshan and the late Feroze Khan who made many superhit films and also acted in them.

Coming to apna Roshan baba, Hritik is not exactly a newcomer in the field of film making. Before making his thunderous debut with Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Hritik assisted his dad in the making of films like “Karan Arjun” and “Koyla”. It is being reported that Hritik has already begun working on a script for his directorial debut. Knowing his panachant for all things fine and stylish, we can hardly wait to see the end product of Hritik’s film making efforts.

Now if you have already begun to imagine a sequel to Krrish, hold that thought right there! A little birdie tells us that Hritik will not be doing any sequel for his launch into the world of direction. He is working on a pure romantic comedy script, which he will direct as his debut film. We hear that the star hopes to start work on this project as soon as he wraps up shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Guzaarish”.

What do you think drives an actor to the other side of the camera? After all, the actor is the star and the face of a film. Directors get very little credit, money and adulation as compared to the actors. Yet, established stars are turning towards film making and direction. Why? We did a little survey and here’s what we found out:

Ritu Sharma (a home maker) says, “The reason perhaps is an urge to explore and experiment. The creative urges that one cannot exploit as an actor can be unleashed only with an experimentation with film making.” Kapil avasthi (a bank employee) opines, “Once the stars are established in the industry and have made a lot of money, then they can afford to take risk. They are bored with acting anyway. So why not turn to direction, maybe they think.”

The most unique answer comes from Sarita Mathur (an aspiring model) who says, “Established stars turn to directing after a certain point so that they can get a few years of practice and preparation in film making. After all, they will direct their son/daughter after a decade or two. For example, the best of Hritik’s films have come from Rakesh Roshan’s stable.”

Yes, we certainly see your point here Sarita. Going by that logic, we should not be very surprised if King Khan and Akshay Kumar also start film making very soon. Now that would be really interesting. What say memsaabs?

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