Armaan Kohli was evicted from the Bigg Boss 7 house yesterday. Armaan’s dreams of winning the show this year came dashing down as Salman announced that he got the least number of votes and hence would be leaving.

We have watched Armaan and Tanisha come close and form a bond in the last three months. They have depended on each other for support in all their bad times, and have been there for each other to share the happy times too. But now, after Armaan has left, will Tanisha be able to survive in the Bigg Boss house? Armaan’s exit has made Tanisha vulnerable, and we might witness a few suabbles in the last week of the show. It is possible that Tanisha might get some sympathy votes from the public, and it is also possible that all the people who voted for Armaan shall now be voting for his “dear friend”. Armaan himself shall probably be campaigning for Tanisha. In all, Armaan’s exit will probably benefit Tanisha more than his absence will sadden her!

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