After the pandemic, it is the cold winter season that is keeping us all indoors. It is so chilly outside that all we want to do is stay home in a blanket and sip on garam chai all day! So how does one stay fit while one stays indoors?

Here are a few tips to maintain your activity levels without stepping out of the house.

– Sign up with a friend or your partner and have a daily contest. If you wear an activity tracker, this becomes very easy and you can compete with multiple people!

– Have an activity rule for every time you eat a high calorie item. For example, if you want to eat a gulab jamun, you have to walk in place for 15 minutes before you do so!

– Buy a set of dumbells and work your way to fitness with 20 minutes of pumping each day.

– Walk in the passage or in the living room for 15 minutes after each meal.

– Buy a skipping rope and skip for 15 minutes in the mornings.

– Learn to do Surya Namaskar and start doing as many repititions as possible every day. The goal is to go up to 50 reps in one day.

– Set up a TV in front of your treadmill. Walk whenever you want to watch a favorite show. No walking, no TV!

Small bursts of activity spread over your day can really go a long way in improving your fitness and health, and you don’t need to step out of your home for this at all!

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