When you think of “talented people”, who comes to your mind? Do you inevitably conjencture images of actors, singers and dancers? Most people believe that one has to be famous to be counted as a talented person. But this is not true. We are all talented, but in different ways. People who become famous have obviously recognized their talents and put them to good use.

But if you look around you and observe, you will find many people who are talented and gifted in their own ways. Someone is really good with words and talking. What a great salesguy would he make! Then there’s someone who is good at explaining things. Isn’t that what makes a good teacher? Similarly, some people are good at fixing things, or solving problems, or negotiating, or something else. These talents are the basis for a successful career. But people rarely do what they are good at. One of the reasons is that we do not recognize our talents. Do you?

How To Recognize Your Talents

To recognize your talents, follow these steps and you will make at least a little progress in the right direction. 1. Make a list of all your achievements so far. This should not be mistaken with “success” as perceived by the world. Your achievements are those things which give you a lot of satisfaction and make you proud of yourself. 2. Go through the list and try to look for a pattern. Do you see any similarities in the items on your list? 3. Think of the qualities which helped you in achieving the things you have put down on paper. Make a list of these qualities. 4. Think about all the words that people use to describe you. Think of the words that you would use to describe yourself. Put down all these words also in a list. The lists you have made in Step 3 and 4 are your talents. There you go!

How To Use Your Talents

Now make four boxes on a paper. From your list of achievements and other lists that you have created above, pick up all similar words (like design, paint, drawing, painter, imagination, pattern, color etc) into one box. Similarly do the other boxes, thereby creating four lists of similar words. Google these words to find out what kind of jobs need similar skills. A little research here will show you the best career choices for your talents. It may be a little confusing initially. But as you delve deeper, you will find things becoming more and more clear. Good Luck!

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