A disease that used to ail the old and the retired is now increasingly affecting the younger generations – young people who have a lot to do in life, a lot of dreams to fulfil and bigger problems to deal with. Most don’t even have the time to consider high blood pressure a problem. So, they just pop a pill in their mouth everyday and move on with their daily routines.

Only to realise one day that their problem has developed into a full-fledged disease, that can handicap them for life!

Did you know that blood pressure problems can aggravate into kidney failures, heart attacks and other debilitating health conditions!

Stressful living conditions and high cholesterol contents in the daily diet are most often, the causes of hypertension and high blood pressure in young people.

Once you have detected with high blood pressure, never take this problem lightly. Go for regular check ups and know your exact blood pressure readings.

Make changes in your diet and lifestyle. Prefer fat free and low cholesterol food. Reduce the quantity of your daily salt intake. Salt contains sodium that helps build blood pressure. Instead, take a lot of fruits, salads and green vegetables.

Start exercising for weight loss. Weight adds on to the pressure that your heart has to bear to pump blood into your body. Losing weight always helps in dealing with heart related problems.

Stay away from tobacco products! It is one of the biggest causes of hypertension. It makes your heart beat faster, thus increasing the blood pressure in your vessels. So, in case you are in a habit of smoking or chewing pan masala, you know what to do!

Change your drinking habits. Too much alcohol and caffeine also effects your blood circulation. Prefer fresh juices instead.

And lastly, maintain your cool. Hypertension is nothing but too much blood being pumped too quickly to keep up with your tensed brain and muscles. Tension is a big factor that builds blood pressure. There are many relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing etc. that can help you keep your calm in stressful situations.

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