For those who are lucky to have their grandparents, we urge you to observe their lifestyle. They wake up rather early, take an early morning bath, do their morning puja, contribute to the household work, rest during the day, catch up with their friends in the evening, eat an early and small dinner and hit the bed also early. Compare this with our lifestyle and the contrast is so obvious. We do the complete opposite. We get up not before 8 in the morning, realise that we are late again, rush for a quick shower, miss our breakfast, jump in our cars, get stressed in the morning traffic jam, get even more stressed on reaching late at work, get stressed at work, eat a quick lunch, grab umpteen cups of coffee, work till 8 or 9 in the night and reach home at around 10.

It is no wonder that young professionals are having heart attacks at the age of 35. People at the age of 30 are said to suffer from hypertension or blood pressure which is a precursor to heart attacks. Young people are reported to have surgeries to prevent heart attacks. So it is quite obvious that it is our lifestyle that is to blame for these modern maladies. What is it that we need to do to prevent having an early heart attack? Ape our Grandparents? Not so simple. Memsaab bring to you a few tips that can help you have a healthy heart.

1. Lead a active lifestyle. This would include taking walks, joining a gym, taking up a fun activity that also includes activity, take part in sports such as badminton, cricket and other things such as climbing stairs etc.

2. Avoid Fried Foods – This would include shunning that vada pao and aloo tikki. Eat less of puris and go slow on that aloo paratha. Avoid that Burger and Pizza and let that cola be.

3. Eat Healthy – It is understandable that you feel hungry in the evenings. Instead of snacking on a vada pao, why not snack on a banana or an apple. You could also include peanuts, whole wheat biscuits or non fried chips.

4. Lead an Organized and Disciplined life – Early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy & wise. If you are organized and disciplined you will be relaxed. You will not be hyper-tensed and that will only lead to a healthy heart.

5. Avoid Meat and full cream diary food in your diet – Consumption of Red meat and full cream milk leads to an increase in cholesterol levels. Switch to a vegeterian diet and include more of fibre in your diet. In our next article on how to have a healty heart we will bring to you recipes that do not compromise on the taste and also do not increase your cholesterol levels. Till such time, follow the above guidelines and enjoy life to the fullest.

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