Karan Singh Grover is a true fitness freak and there is no denial to the fact. The chiseled body and the sharp jawline of Karan Singh Grover has attracted him to thousands of fans since he appeared in the TV serial, Dill Mill Gayye. The millennium actor is known for his muscular body and physique.

According to fitness freak Karan Singh Grover, one’s focus should not be only on cardios or weight training, but they should also try to include different types of exercises to get those killer abs. He has also emphasized on maintaining a balanced diet. According to Karan, your body needs proteins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates. Hire a nutritionist who can tell you exactly what your body needs and how much you need it. The food you intake has a huge effect on your overall health, so it is necessary to eat a small meal every two to three hours to keep your metabolic rate high.

Working out for Karan is very important. He does regular workout to stay in shape. Even when he is having a bad day, he goes to the gym and workout. It is always found that you will feel better by the end of the workout session as your brain releases endorphins when you exercise and also makes you feel happy. Once you concentrate on being fit and healthy, your body will transform accordingly. The fat of your body will start decreasing and your six-packs will definitely appear. The chiseled body is a by- product of regular workout and healthy eating.

So, now you know how Karan maintains his killer abs. Start eating healthy and working out.


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