50 calories does not sound like a lot, but did you know that an extra 50 caliries in your diet can make you gain around 2 kilos over an year? Similarly, if you are trying to lose weight, even 50 calories taken off your diet will make an impact over time!

How to Cut 50 Calories off Yor Daily Diet

– The easiest way is to cut out the sugar in your tea or coffee. Replace it with a natural sweetener like Stevia or cinnamon.

– If you enjoy chilled drinks on hot sunny afternoons, learn to make your own. Your drinks will not be as full of sugar and calories as the Cola you gulp down with guilt!

– Stop eating tomato ketchp with every dish. Not only is that a childish thing, it is also adding calories to your diet.

– Avoid store bought flavoured yogurt. If you enjoy yogurt, make your own with dahi, chopped fruit and honey if required.

– Try to cook your own food as often as possible. This is indeed the best tip for being healthy and fit.

– Eat a bowl of healthy and crunchy salad with your meals. This will reduce your intake of the other goodies at the table!

– Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated so that you don’t mistake thirst for hunger.

– Avoid eating while watching TV or while being engaged with your phone. Being distracted makes you eat more and enjoy less.

With these easy and simple tips, you should be able to cut a bunch of calories from your diet everyday.

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Lavanya Mehra


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