The show that’s been popular day by day in various countries is “Big Brother”, it’s Indian version “Big Boss” has recently ended up and now the talk of the town is from Brazil’s “Big Brother”. In the history of Television’s reality shows a housemate on Brazil’s version of Big Brother has been raped live on TV in front of 40 live cameras & it’s been broad casted widely.

Viewers were shocked while watching the contestant Daniel Echaniz 31, apparently forced himself on 23 year old Monique Amin, who lost her consciousness after having a boozy drunk party. Night vision cameras broad casted Echaniz, a male model who get into the bed where Amin was sleeping unconsciously. The next morning Amin was called into the diary room & was asked about the incident which happened last night with her.

The most shame full part is that the Big Brother production unit telecasted this embarrassing clip without editing in front of 8 millions viewers. After the knowing all about the incident Monique complained against the program unit. Brazil police inquired about this & searched the shooting set of Big Brother at Rio de Janeiro. 

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