During this coronavirus lock down, actor Karanvir Bohra requested men to help their wives in housework and doing other household works.

As work from homes have been certified at the moment for not only office goers but even domestic helps due to the rapid spread of the ill-fated coronavirus, Karanvir feels that all the men out there should help their mothers, wives and sisters in the kitchen as well as with other necessary cleanliness routines at home.

“With schools shut, and with no hired help for a lot of people during these times, it would be great if the men help the women out at home,” Karanvir wrote on Instagram on Monday. Not only this, he shared a photograph in which he is seen holding a broom in his hand.

“Leading by example, cleaning and feeding babies. When Teejay (Karanvir’s wife) does other chores, I share the work load during these times of quarantine,” he added.

Karanvir, who is married to Teejay Sidhu makes sure to help her in day-to-day doings and also handles the responsibilities of their twin daughters. Karanvir Bohra married Teejay Sidhu in 2006. The couple welcomed twin girls in 2016.


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