So you think that if you are vegetarian, you run the risk of losing out on getting vital nutrients that are found in animal meat or products? Well fear not! With vegetarianism, you can be be equally getting the right kind of vitamins and nutrients if you are smart about eating the right vegetarian food. The first thing that vegetarians worry about is getting enough protein. Now, there is no doubt that animal products and meat is high in protein. 

Your vegetarian meal should have enough of pulses, lentils, beans, chickpeas and milk products to ensure that you get high and good quality protein. Next come the important mineral that vegetarians are suspectible to get less of – Calcium. If you have green leafy vegetables, milk, milk products such as cheese and paneer and get fruits such as bananas, you are rest assured that you are getting enough of the all important calcium.

Iron is one of the important nutrients that vegetarians should get enough of. If you consume enough of the green and leafy vegetables and have fortified vegetarian food and soymilk, you should not worry about getting Iron and B12.

The last, but not the least all important mineral is Zinc. You can get this nutrient by having pumpkins, legumes and mushrooms. So, worry not that you are a vegetarian!

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