India’s favorite festival is here! As the nine days of Navratri are soon to begin, we cannot help but think of all the fun and festivities that this festival brings into our lives. Although COVID has marred our fun since more than a year, Navratri is still a festival to look forward to and to plan. So have you completed all your preparations for this Durga Puja?

Things You Need – Did you miss any items?

Pooja Stuff – 9 days of Navratri are not just for fun and dancing. There is serious praying involved and twice a day. Do you need new idols? What about your ghee, incense etc? You will also need fresh fruit, flowers and prasad every day.

Dance stuff – If you are attending any Navratri parties or events, you need to dress the part. Have you bought your fun chaniya choli yet?

Ashtmi Puja – We all bow down to little girls as the festival ends. Have you purchased pretty gifts for the little Devis? Don’t forget all the ingredients for the lavish prasad you will prepare that day!

Don’t forget the groceries! As most people turn vegetarians during Navratri, the demand for fruit, vegetables and potatoes goes up significantly. Buy yours before they become scarce!

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