If things go as planned, Priyanka Chopra is all set to add another feather to her much feathered cap. The Bollywood babe is slated to make an appearance in the Guinness Book of World Records!

What’s Your Rashee is the next release for Priyanka this year. After stupendous success and critical acclaim for her “Sweety” role in Kaminey, Piggy Chops is all excited about WYR. But there’s another reason for the ex-Miss World to be excited about WYR. Having played 12 different characters in the film, Priyanka is entitled to have her name entered in the Guinness Book.

The Producer Sunita Gowarikar has already sent in Priyanka’s name officially to be entered in the Big Book of Records for playing the highest number of characters in a single film. Priyanka says, “If this does happen, it will be phenomenal. I’m overjoyed and honored to be a part of this record-breaking film.” Yes, “What’s Your Rashee” seems to be breaking records even before it has been released!

The producer Sunita is as excited as Priyanka at the prospect of her leading lady entering the Guinness book. In her own words, “Priyanka has not only played 12 different roles, but breathed life into 12 distinct characters without the aide of any prosthetics. Few people realize how difficult a challenge it is. This we gauged when we spoke to the Guinness officials. No actor has ever played so many different roles in cinema of any language. So it truly is a world record.”

Currently the highest number of characters played by an actor in a film is Kamal Hassan in “Dashavataram”. Internationally, Eddie Murphy has played 8 characters in “The Nutty Professor-2”. Though Priyanka is winning accolades for WYR even before the film’s release, there’s someone else who is banking on this film’s release. Harman Baweja, who was written off by the media, industry bigwigs and critics after the release of his debut movie Love Story 2050, deserves a hit after having worked hard at romancing 12 different characters in WYR!

Will What’s Your Rashee win success and accolades for Harman? Will the director Ashutosh Gowarikar eat his own words and admit that Priyanka deserves her awards every bit? We’ll all find out in a matter of a few weeks now!

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