An old picture of actor Shah Rukh Khan from his school days surfaced online on Wednesday. Taking to Twitter, a fan shared a candid photo of the actor in which he poses with his classmates at a store.

In the picture, a young Shah Rukh Khan, lost in his thoughts, is dressed in a white shirt with grey pants. He is walled by his female classmates. Sharing the picture a fan wrote, “An awkward school kid daydreaming of conquering Mumbai, is the kind of morning WhatsApp forward I’ll never complain about.”

Reacting to the picture, actor Richa Chadha tweeted ‘first love’ and a fan pointed out, “I thought Rahul Dravid is your first love. Anyways I love both Dravid and SRK.” She replied, “srk predates Dravid.” The post has reaped a lot of love from his fans all over the globe for whom this was something to be cherished.

Though Shah Rukh Khan’s recent slew of films have not worked magic at the box office, he still remains a fond favorite among his fans. His charisma, wit and gentlemanly courtesy continue to be one of the most distinctive traits about him, and his followers never tire of sharing old interviews and photos.

We all love SRK and we cannot wait to see him back on big screen.

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