Arshi Khan is a very familiar name for many people in India who watch TV shows. The present Bigg Boss contestant Arshi Khan has surprised us from her doings inside the BB house. The most sensuous contestant in the show, Arshi, has always been in headlines from her first entry in the Bigg Boss house till now. Well, the recent news that is circling around the media hubs about Arshi Khan will shock you more than ever. As per the reports, Arshi Khan is married and has a husband out the BB house.

Actress-model Gehana Vasisth has spilled beans about the Bigg Boss 11 contestant stating that the lady is married to a 50-year-old man. Gehana has stated that she and Arshi belong to Bhopal and thus she is aware that the latter is 32 years old. However, she has claimed that she is only 27. She went on to say that Arshi has faked her degrees. Gehana wondered how the channel gave the opportunity to her. She also stated that Arshi Khan got married to one Pakistani national from Karachi who is a bookie and a big-time hawala racketeer.

With Arshi being married and faking her personality inside the house has made us all wonder on why exactly is she hiding her past from the other contestants and the channel. What do you think? Is she the real ‘naagin’ of the Bigg Boss house?


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