We will get to watch Danny Denzogpa on the big screen after many years. This time, Dnny is playing the lead role in Bioscopewala, which is certainly a big career high for this talented actor.

Did you know that Bioscopewala is based on a very famous Rabindranath Tagore story? Like all children in India, you must have read the story Kabuliwala at school. It is the story in which a middleaged man from Afghanistan makes a living selling nuts etc on the streets of Indian cities like Calcutta. He meets a little girl and she reminds him of his own daughter back home. The two develop a bond but are seperated soon as the Kabuliwala is arrested for murder. When he comes back, he finds his little friend has grown up and is getting married.

Bioscopewala is inspired from this very story and will show human relations and emotions in a beautiful way. It is being said that Bioscopewala takes the story further from the point where Kabuliwala had ended.

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Lavanya Mehra


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