If you loved Arshi Khan in Bigg Boss 11, it is time to cheer. It has been revealed that the spicy Arshi Khan is all set to visit the housemates as a hard task master. She is shooting for the episode, which will be aired on Wednesday. Arshi will visit the BB11 house, interact with each housemate and give them all certain tasks. Whoever will excel in the task given to him or her shall get some sort of prize. No doubt, at this point in the game a prize can make a lot of difference!

Talking about her own time in the Bigg Boss house and her eviction, Arshi said, “The feeling is yet to sink in as I still can’t believe that I am out of the house while people who do not deserve to be in the show are still there. I was expecting to be in the top five at least. But I really had a great time in the show and I enjoyed every moment. I also believe that I played well and was quite natural in the show. I never indulged in a dirty game and rather played with my heart. I laughed, cried, fought but also had a wonderful time in Bigg Boss.”

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Lavanya Mehra


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