This is Sonali Mukherjee from Jharkhand, and she was recently on the hot seat at KBC. If you think that she looks a little weird, that’s because she’s the victim of an acid attack. This young woman has a sad story to tell, but what moved Mr Amitabh Bachchan is her grit and determination that has kept her going inspite of the tragedies of her life.

Here’s what Mr Bachchan has written on his blog about Sonali recently, “It has been a most traumatic and disturbing evening on the sets of KBC, where we have recorded the special episode called ‘doosra mauka’ – a second chance, for those that are afflicted by horrendous acts of violence. Sonali Mukherjee from Jharkhand, a pretty young girl was harassed by three boys in her neighbourhood and when she repelled their unwanted advances towards her, they threw acid on her face and destroyed it. In the attack, Mukherjee lost her eyes, hearing and speech. She was accompanied by actress Lara Dutta, who works towards helping women in distress. The three boys are out on bail. Sonali has through sheer grit and strength fought for her survival for nine years, has had 22 surgeries done to repair her face and still has a long way to go.”

This amazing young woman did disturb Mr Bachchan a lot with the shocking story of her life, but he was most impressed with the way she refuses to give up. Way to go girl!

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