As you progress from dating to a more serious relationship, you find out a lot about your partner. Not only you learn about the little things like likes and dislikes, you also find out about his character, past and previous relationships. Some of these things may leave you feeling insecure and disturbed. But should you be worrying about his past when his present is with you?

To Worry Or Not To Worry?
There is no definite answer tot his question. There are many things that should be left behind in the past and forgotten. But there are also a few things that do matter and should be considered seriously before taking the relationship to the next level. What are these things?

Past Relationships
This one is a no brainer. It is very difficult to find someone who has never been in a relationship. In the present day scenario, it would in fact be strange and abnormal if you found someone like that. So please don’t give any thought to this at all.

If you find out that he has cheated on his ex-girlfriends, it is a sure cause for worry. Men don’t learn and they don’t change. Either they are clean or they are not. If he has cheated in previous relationships, he is quite likely to do so again. Be wary.

Short Flings
If you find that all his previous relationships have been more like short term flings, it is a cause for concern. If he has never had a long term relationship in the past, he obviously has some issues. Commitment issues, perhaps? Sure you want to risk it?

You may hear him bragging about how adventurous he was with his friends and ex girlfriends in the past. You may find it strange to hear the stories of “experimentation” but maybe this can be forgiven and forgotten. It just shows that he is spontaneous and that could actually be a good things for your relationship with him as well.

Dating Dummy
After getting to know him, do you feel like you are with someone who has dated almost eevry girl in town? Some guys try very hard to find a girl. Speed dating, blind dates, singles parties and bars…he may have tried them all. Where does that leave you? Don’t worry about it girl. He’s just had to try very hard.

If you find out that he has kids, you may feel very insecure. But there is no need to be. His kids will always be a part of his life but their mother is already out of the picture. You can be a part of the happy picture by being nice to his kids and letting him know that you are ok with his having kids.

Babes’ Man
If you have done a little snooping on the internet, you will have found out a lot about his exes. What happens if you find that he has dated only hot babes previously? Do you feel insecure? You shouldn’t. It just shows that he really likes you and you should take it as a compliment. All said and done, if there is anything in your boyfriend’s past that makes you uncomfortable and insecure, you should question your own feelings and try to find the roots. If you still feel it is not worth it, you would probably be happier without him!

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