While most women of the country are going gaga over Aamir Khan’s latest look for Ghajini, Dr. Surekha Verma is having some serious trouble because of it! Aamir Khan’s sexy poster has turned out to be quite a pain for her!

The poster flaunts the sexy body of Aamir (he’s surely worked hard on it) in an extremely stylised manner. Of course, Dr. Varma didn’t have any problem with Aamir flaunting his sexy body. What gave her the nightmares was a tattoo on his arm that shows in the poster. The tattoo is of a number and incidentally that number happens to be Dr. Surekha’s personal cell number!

So, from the moment the Indian public got their first glance of the poster, she has been receiving maniac calls from maniac fans asking wanting to talk to the star! At first she was startled. But the calls just didn’t seem to end and that really upset her:

“It was maddening ever since I woke up to these non-stop crazy calls asking for Aamir, Anthony… I had to switch off my phone. How can anyone just use my number like that, without my knowledge, forget my consent.”

Aamir Khan seems quite embarrassed by this unfortunate event.

“I really regret the inconvenience caused to the lady whose number was tattooed on my arm. Today, I received over 900 SMSes regarding my Ghajini look. I had to clean up my inbox three times since morning. I empathise with her as I can imagine what she must have gone through.”

The producer of Ghajini has also expressed his regret for the inconvenience caused by the carelessness and has decided to provide the doctor with a new number.

Hopefully, all filmmakers have learnt a lesson after this incident and will be more careful about using ‘public belongings’ in their films without permission!

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