If you have not had enough of celebrity wedding videos and pictures in the last 6 months, here’s more coming!

Priyanka Chopra has decided to produce a film that is inspired from her big fat Indian wedding! Our desi girl certainly knows how to milk the cash cow!

Pee Cee is joined in this endevour by Mindy Kaling. Talking about this project, Priyanka said, “The movie I’m producing is with Mindy Kaling, she’s writing it. It’s a romantic comedy that goes back to a big wedding in India and it came from my wedding. The thought of it came from my wedding. I’m such a fan of Mindy’s that I just called her and was like, ‘Let’s combine our mights. I want to be able to have an all-South Asian cast in a Hollywood movie. How do we do that?’ We just talked about it and created it…We’re still writing, but we’ll shoot it next year at some point. The idea is to be able to connect with different people.”

If Mindy is writing it and Priyanka is producing and starring, we certainly hope it stars the Jonas bros too!

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Lavanya Mehra


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