It’s not uncommon to hear Geeta Kapur go, “Stupendo fantabulously phantasmagorically magical” when she is overwhelmed by a performance. But Geeta Maa, as people fondly call her, is equally critical while judging dance reality shows. As a judge, she believes it is her duty to nudge dancers in the right direction. After wrapping up the fourth season of Super Dancer, the choreographer-dancer is now moving on to the second season of India’s Best Dancer. In a chat with mid-day, she discusses how the reality shows are as much a learning experience for her as for the contestants.

Judging reality show after show, do you run out of compliments to give?

In Super Dancer, they introduced  75 different dance styles in a special episode. How many did you know of beforehand?

Over the years, have you tried out any new styles besides classical dancing, which is your forte?

In the past, judges have often said that they feel unworthy of judging some contestants. What is your stand?

Do you feel any dance style would look “ugly” on you?

The last film you choreographed was Happy New Year (2014). Have you left your career as a film choreographer behind?

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