Recently the entire Bollywood celebrated the birthday of none other than Shahrukh Khan. The birthday bash was full of glamour and fashionable outfits. The party turned out to be fine but the very next day post party when the pictures were out, the twitter went aghast and it seemed like trolling is the new game of social media. This time it’s the first lady of Bollywood, Gauri Khan, who is getting trolled for what she wore at her husband Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday party.

Gauri Khan was wearing a transparent white dress paired with a fuchsia bikini – and that was enough to get the trolls’ blood boiling. She was accused of “not dressing according to her age”. Apparently deeply offended by the sight of an adult woman not adhering to an imagined dress code, and reminding her who she’s married to.

Gauri’s dress was the center of trolls and it went worse when people started slut-shaming her for the outfit. Gauri was mercilessly slut-shamed by miffed jobless trolls, dazzling the sick mindset of a section of vile internet crowd. So, what do you think, are we getting more impatient and intolerable towards westernization or it is just the mentality that is making a noise here. 

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Joydev Mishra


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