So Kushal had another ugly spat with Andy, his arch rival. The spat turned had turned nasty and Andy implored Bigg Boss to intervene as he had been physically assaulted by Kushal. Yesterday’s episode took the Mahabharat a little further. Bigg Boss decided to throw Kushal out of the house after this incident and Gauhar Khan decided to follow her “close friend” out of the house.

Yes, it does remind you of the episode when  Tanisha had pushed Kushal but got away with a mere nomination, which is also what had been done to Kushal. But now, Kushal has been evicted for similar behaviour. Unfair? Many fans of the show feel that the show is unduly favoured towads Tanisha and that Kushal-Gauhar got a rough deal on the show.

But hey, now that the enemies are out, why is Andy still crying? In yesterday’s episode, he was seen crying in the washroom and even begged Pratyusha Baingan and Kamya for their forgiveness. Probably he has now realised that his only friend Gauhar is no longer on the show.

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