Biggest Loser Jeetega is back!

Remember that fitness based reality TV Show conceived, produced and anchored by Suneil Shetty?

Suneil is coming back to your homes with a second season of the very successful and famous show. The format of the show is such that extremely obese people compete to stay put in a fitness

island. The objective is to lose more weight than anyone else in the house and also to stay in everyone’s good books. Why is that, You might ask? A contestant needs to be on good terms with everyone else because contestants vote each other out every week. Being voted out does not just mean a loss of the attractive prize money. It also means that the voted out contestant loses the opportunity to lose weight successfully.

Why is it such a big deal to be on the show? The contestants get an opportunity to train with the biggest names in the fitness and entertainment industry. They also learn the secrets of celebrity chefs who show them how to come up with delectable dishes low on calories.

But the path to slimdom is not so easy. One has to fight temptation in the form of delicious and calorie laden sweets and food. One has to have huge reserves of mental strength to keep on pushing harder during workouts. Also, when contests are given, one has to have the required presence of mind and leadership skills to steer the team to victory.

Whatever the cost maybe, the payoffs are immense, and it is not just in the form of prize money and fame. One is rewarded with a lifetime of health and the way to attain that. What more could an obese and unhealthy person want?

So all Ye Fat People – Get Ready To Win and Lose at the same time!

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