As more and more people get into exercise and fitness, there is a booming food industry associated with fitness. We have protein powders, protein shakes, energy bars, energy drinks etc. You can find these products at grocery stores, in gyms and online. Though these are elatively new products to be sold in the markets, they have everyone believing that they are essential for good health. Are they?

The truth is that your body need a good nutritious post-workout meal that aids in muscle recovery and rebuilding of Glycogen reserves. This rcovery meal does not need to be bought off the supermarket shelves. It can be as simple as a meal of brown rice with egg curry. Even fruit like a banana is a great post workout meal as it provides carbs along with Potassium. You just need to make sure you are getting a nutritious meal that repletes the reserves of your body. Having said that, there certainly are food items that you need to avoid.

Foods to Avoid After Exercising

1. Sugary energy drinks and shakes. If you want a protein shake, DIY. Do not buy your energy drinks and protein shakes from the markets as they are full of sugar. You do not need sugar. You need protein, so make your own protein shake.

2. Low carb meals are not a good idea. As you exercise, your body depletes the Glycogen reserves and carbs are required to restore them. 

3. Energy bars are great only if you make them yourself. Stor ebought energy bars should be avoided as they are very high in sugar.

4. Processed foods like biscuits, chips etc should best be avoided. Do you really want to undo the benefits of your workout by eating junk? Fast food should be avoided for the same reason.

5. Alcohol or coffee should also be avoided after exercise. These drinks tend to dehydrate the body. After a good workout, you need to rehydrate your body and not do the opposite.

It is important to eat a post workout meal that gives you a healthy balance of protein and carbs. Do not avoid the post exercise meal at any cost!

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