In a recent interview with a leading media house, Fatima Sana Sheikh was heard saying that there will be no superstars after the Khans.

Talking about how reachable stars are in today’s age and time, she said, “The superstar era ended way back. After the ‘Khans’, I don’t think we will ever have superstars. Now we all are accessible but earlier the stars were not. We could not search them on social media or follow their lives. We were able to connect with them through their films and interviews.”

Fatima Sana Shaikh, who acted as Aamir Khan’s daughter in Dangal, says that Khans are the last superstars in Bollywood. The actress has also worked with Aamir in Thugs Of Hindostan.

Fatima further spoke in an interview that the only way the actors of her generation could survive is by doing good work. “The moment we do good work, we get appreciation and when we don’t things go the other way. Actors like Deepika have been in the industry for so long, but it is now that people have realized she is a very good actor because of her choices,” she said.

Well, do you think that there will be no superstars after Khan’s? I believe that our present stars have a lot of potentials to build the stardom and become a superstar in the coming era.


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