Filmmaker Farah Khan Kunder and chef Vikas Khanna have joined forces to donate 72,000 sanitary pads to women migrant workers. Farah, who is observing self-isolation in Mumbai, and Vikas, currently residing in New York, had been conversing the plight of women migrant workers over the phone before taking the decision.

Talking about the resourcefulness, Farah said: “In times of uncertainty and distress, it is such a relief to know that there are people who are willing to put the needs of others ahead of their own. I’m very proud of Vikas, who is managing the charitable work from New York.”

Social distancing strategies issued by the government are being followed while handing out the sanitary pads to the women.

Farah Khan also went on to share pictures on her social media handle giving fans a hint of their charitable work. She took to twitter to share photos of people distributing the sanitary pads to women and also the boxes that have been stacked up. Along with the pictures, she also wrote, “Thanks @TheVikasKhanna who introduced me2 @NiineIndia @PayalTulsiyan who so generously has donated 100 cartons of sanitary napkins (over 40,000 pads) 4 migrant women n more. Thank u @RotiGharIndia 4taking over the distribution n @zoamorani 4 introducing me to this wonderful NGO.”

Well, we are really happy that celebrities are helping the migrants at this time of the hour.



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