This week in the Bigg Boss house has been terrific for both housemates and audiences. This week, the family members of the contestants entered the house for the ‘freeze task’. The family week has always been the most special episodes in Bigg Boss and we are thrilled after seeing what happened this time.

From Sreesanth’s wife to KV’s twins, from Surbhi’s brother to Deepak’s father it was a full house instead of the typical Weekend Ka Vaar on the show.

As informed by Salman, the family visits would continue through the week. The preview showed Romil’s wife and his son and Saba Khan visiting the house again. Amidst all this who gets nominated for the week and what all unfolds would be interesting to watch.

This week is bringing joy, smile and tears for housemates and is been one of the best episodes of the entire season. The families boost the confidence of the contestants and also give them the standpoint of the audience. While many have pearls of wisdom to share, some take the opportunity to give a reality check to other contestants. The family visits turn out to be an emotional reunion seeing loved ones after months.

Going by history, we are expecting that the family week will once again spice up the drama in the reality show.


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