He is your best pal! He understands you… supports you at all times and is always there to share your joys and sorrows! You tell him all your secrets and his life is like an open book in front of you. You’ve been friends for a long time now… and then, one fine day, you realize that it’s not friendship anymore… that you are falling in love with your best friend! Are you scared?

Do you think that you may lose him if you express your love for him? You love him very much, don’t you? Then why hesitate in telling him? Think of it this way: if he understands you so well, why will he not understand your feelings for him? Its time you open your heart to him. We will help you do so, but without your effort and will power it wouldn’t really work!

Try spending more time together You need to spend more quality time together. Rather than going out with the entire lot of friends, plan a few outings for just the both of you! This way you will be tête-à-tête with your feelings for him! It is also the best way to make him realise his true feelings for you!

Open up! Start giving him hints about your feelings for him. Have you ever thought of flirting with your best friend? If not, try it! It is surely going to be fun! And it is so much easier to ask your best friend for a date than gather the guts to ask a new acquaintance!

Be patient In all your efforts, don’t get impatient for a response from him! It’s a feeling that you have felt first. Now, you need to give him time totake in this new development!

Cherish your friendship Don’t discard your friendship completely! Couples try all their lives to become good friends of each other. You already have this gift! Cherish it. If he does not feel anything more than friendly love for you, don’t detach yourself completely from him to overcome your disappointment. True friendship is more valuable than anything you can find!

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