It was just on April 12th when Abhay Deol started the heated conversation on Twitter about how the stars endorsing fairness creams are actually generating racism and discrimination among various sections of the population in our country. Well, in the Tweet Mr. Deol targeted various A-listers from the movie business that includes Shahrukh Khan to Sonam Kapoor and many more.

Well, we were just hooked with the idea of how endorsing fairness creams is making dark complication people really feel low about their demeanor, the recent tweet in support of using fairness creams Uday Chopra a film-maker and writer tweeted that, “Fairness Creams Are Like Hair Colour” and it never promotes discrimination and racism.

Well, Uday tweeted, “What is this nonsense with fairness creams. If fairness creams are racist then so is hair color. It’s a personal choice! #NotRacist.” Further adding on, he said “On fairness creams. If you need to use it, do it. It’s not a race issue, it’s a self esteem issue. Don’t do it if you think you are fine!”

Well, after the tweets of Mr. Chopra the Twitter went aghast and the line of trolling just got tempted and gave some ‘gyaan’ to the filmmaker Uday Chopra that fairness creams ads are based on promoting an idea of having a fair skin and how much it affects people’s mind and personality in regular days. It truly promotes racism.

In our opinion, Fairness Creams do promote racism and needs to move out of Indian market. What do you people think?


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Joydev Mishra


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