Badshah and Nikhita Gandhi’s ‘Jugnu’ featuring Akanksha Sharmaa has released today and is already making news. Nikhita speaks to mid-day about how the track came to life and more.

How did ‘Jugnu’ happen?

It’s just released and my social media is flooded with people reposting and sharing it. Badshah was in touch with me for ‘Bad Boy Bad Girl’ that released a couple of months back. We met for a few changes of that song and he told me, ‘I want you to sing ‘Jugnu’ as well.’ So we actually recorded ‘Jugnu’ during the second recording of ‘Bad Boy Bad Girl’. It was very organic, we jammed and dubbed my part and he wrote a few lines and here we are. We got to do this song together. Since ‘Bad Boy Bad Girl’ was created during the lockdown, for that number I had to send my vocals from my home studio. This one was more collaborative because we met and recorded it.

The song is pretty different than what one usually expects from the both of you…

How are you juggling your singles and movie projects?

You sing in multiple languages from Telugu, Tamil to Bengali and Arabic. How does one sound convincing in all of them?

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