Erica Fernandes has shared the news about quitting the most-popular show ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’ on social media, leaving her fans in frenzy. The show took a digital route for its third season, and now, Eriza has decided to let go one of her favourite characters she enjoyed working on so far. The television actress has posted on social media, what made her take such a hard decision, despite achieving so much love from her fans.

Her social media post came in as an eye-opener to many, and Erica has received a lot of support for taking this decision.

Her long post started with, “To start with I would like to thank everyone who loved Kuch rang right from its conception. The immense love we were showered with was heart touching. Due to various reasons when the show had to go off air the first time, the power n love from the very same Kuch rang family pulled us back once again on screen nearly after a month of it going off-air. Because of the very same Kuch rang family we were more than thrilled to come back once again with so much enthusiasm. As for Sonakshi a character so dear to you and me, a character that was an inspiration to many, a character who was so strong, smart, balanced … the Sonakshi we once witnessed in seasons 1 & 2, the one we expected to see this season too but unfortunately we had to see the complete opposite of what she was.”

The post further read, “I hope you’ll always remember Sonakshi from the first 2 seasons and not how weak and confused she was made to look this season where in, in the first 2 seasons putting aside everything else.

“Ever thought? When a show is successful it is very easy and convenient to say that the success of the show is not because of a particular individual but because of teamwork and the entire team’s effort .. but it is so easy to blame a particular individual when a show has to shut!

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