If you think good looks is enough to bag an Balaji Telefilms’ show, you’ve got it wrong. A slim figure isn’t enough. Even if you are good at delivering long dialogues, you are still not good enough. That’s because the Queen of Soaps is now looking for more. Ekta is looking for people who are seriously into “kissing”!

Balaji is all set to launch a new TV show which will involve a good amount of physical intimacy. Recently the production house held auditions for the yet unnamed show. Around 200 young girls and boys appeared for the auditions and were shocked to see the process of auditioning that the production house had come up with. The young wannabes were asked to smooch random people from the opposite sex as a part of the auditions.

The auditions have been going on for over a month now. Out of all the couples who “auditioned”, 83 have been short listed for further screening. A little birdie tells us that many people were completely shocked and outraged at being asked to smooch an unknown person for auditions. Needless to mention, many aspiring actors left without auditioning!

Now if you think this treatment was meted out to newbies only, you’ve got it wrong again! Adam Bedi, his wife Nisha and Splitsvilla contestant Sakshi Pradhan also auditioned for the same show and in the same way. We’ll find out later how successful they were in impressing Ekta Kapur.

Vikas Gupta, the project head mentioned that the auditions were not strictly for a soap. He says, “Yes, this did happen. We hadn’t informed those who came for the audition that they would have to kiss openly. I can’t tell you for which show or film we had these auditions. It’s too early to talk about it. The management is yet to decide if it will be a fiction show, reality show, a film or something else altogether.” On the other hand, Ekta says, “It will come on television but only at a later date. Right now, all I will say is that I am creating a new medium and this is not anything cheap but something very classy waiting to happen.”

With auditions like this, Ekta has achieved something that’s never been done before. She has managed to create a buzz about the latest offering from Balaji stable, without even having named it yet! After all, she’s not called the “Soap Queen” for nothing!

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Lavanya Mehra


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