Your favorite Ekta Kapoor show Ye Hai Mohabbatein is coming to an end…sort of!

Ekta Kapoor has decided to end YHM, but she is replacing it with a spin off! Ye Hai Chahatein will be launched by Divyanka and Karan as YHM comes to an end. Divyanka and Karan will introduce the leading lady of YHC and begin the story of the new show. 

Ye Hai Chahatein is the story of Prisha, who is Ishita’s niece. Prisha is a single mother and Ishita is worried about her. Ishita will be seen wondering if Prisha will ever find love again. Ishita will be seen asking Raman if Prisha will ever find her Ravan Kumar!

Ekta Kapoor is introducing the spin off as her second show based on a social issue. She recently said that YHM was a story based on social issues like our treatment of infertility and our assumptions about step mothers. Similarly, YHC will talk about social acceptance of remarriage for women with kids. Will YHC find the same love from audeince as YHM…this we will find out very soon!

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