There is a lot of talk everywhere about which show Salman Khan will host later this year. On one hand is the Bigg Boss series on Colors that Salman Khan has been hosting for 7 seasons now, and yeah they pay him really well! On the other hand there is Dus Ka Dum on Sony TV. With Kapil Sharma’s show being pulled off air, it is almost certain that Dus Ka Dum will soon make a comeback and Salman is in the foray to host it. So which show is he going to choose?

It appears that Salman is unlikely to say NO to either of these shows. He has often said that he would enjoy doing another season of Dus Ka Dum because it is a very fun show. He has been in talks with the channel and most probably the show will be back soon with Salman at the helm.

Although Salman has said that Bigg Boss sometimes gets too difficult to handle, and he has sometimes said he will not do another season, but he probably will. Season 11 is themed like the Romanian show “The Farm” which is hosted by Lulia Vantur, who is a special friend of Bhai! So it is being reported that Salman is very much looking forward to the 11th season of Bigg Boss. Though both the shows are likely to run at the same time, Salman will probably juggle both! With these two shows Salman definitely has his hands full for the later part of the year (and his pockets too!)

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