Salman Khan started his TV career with the popular game show Dus Ka Dum, last year. While the show did not exactly break records, it did well enough for the channel to give it its second innings. Yes, “Dus Ka Dum” is all set to make a comeback this year. In fact, the second season of the show begins in a few weeks from now.

Though Salman Khan is appearing in the show for its second season, all is not exactly well between the star host and the producers of the show. Now, who doesn’t know about actors having to take pay cuts due to the economic slowdown? It seems that the same issue is now affecting the TV industry as well. Inside reports state that Salman Khan is miffed with the producers of “Dus Ka Dum” on account of money issues.

Sources reveal that Salman was offered a figure of 89 crores for the first season of “Dus Ka Dum”. But for the second season, the deal has been closed at a mere 44 crores. Now that’s more than a 50% cut in Salman’s fee for hosting the show. Salman has accepted the deal, but this should not be taken to mean that he’s made his peace with it. Our sources reveal that Salman Khan has refused to use his personal contacts and relationships in the industry to invite celebrity guests.

Now, if Salman refuses to ask personal favors from friends and colleagues in Bollywood, does this mean that there will be no celebrity guests in the show? Owwwww! That would make the show a little monotonous and boring, no? When Danish Khan Vice President – Marketing Sony Entertainment was asked to comment on it, he said “Salman’s charismatic style will always work magic and we’ve planned a big Dhamaka entry for him. We are already on talks with celebrities from various arenas of tinsel town and we’re gonna make it stunningly entertaining.”

So never mind if Salman bhai won’t ask for personal favors, the producers of the show will take care that you get your regular dose of celebrity guests on the show. And if you ask me, it’s rather good that Salman won’t do the asking this year. After all, considering the recession, how many of his “friends and colleagues” would agree to appear on the show for free?

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