The countdown has begun. Sixth season of Hero Honda “MTV Roadies” – Hell Down Under will take off within a matter of hours today. The show promises to get tougher and meaner with every season and this time will be no different. Yet, there will be a few things done differently this time.

How Will The 6th Season Be Different?

The first highlight of the sixth season is that the “international” aspect of the game will be taken to a new level. Last season saw the Roadies traveling to different parts of Asia. But this year, the Roadies will be taken to the outback in Australia. That’s one more reason for trying!!!

The second interesting aspect of the show is that this time the prize money has been doubled. Last time the money that the Roadies could amass was limited by a top cap amount of Rs. 5 lakh. This time, the Roadies will be able to earn money upto Rs. 10 lakh, all of which will go to the final winner.

After all the good news, we should balance it a little with some not-so-good news, Right? At least, that’s what the producer Raghu Ram thinks. The auditions of the show are always a “big thing” coz the interviewers Raghu Ram & Nikhil Chenappa make it a point to tear apart the prospective Roadies. They conduct stress interviews that are capable of bringing tears to the eyes of tough and mean candidates. But this time, Nikhil has been replaced by Raghu’s twin brother Rajeev Laxman. Considering that Nikhil was the softer one, this could be a real blow to the candidates. Obviously, this is what the double trouble means.

Rajeev— who has been part of the casting process of the Roadies for the last four years— agreed to even turn bald for the show on Raghu’s insistence. They look so similar that the viewers will probably not be able to tell them apart. This twist in the tale is bound to make the show more interesting for us, and trying for the Roadies!

Amidst the horror and gloom of the Mumbai terror strike, will Roadies be able to command the TRP’s that it usually gets? This is a difficult question to answer. Most of the people have been watching nothing but news for the last 3 days. But now that the NSG operations are finished, probably it is time to get life back to normal. The Roadies may not garner 100 % TRPs for the first episode, but nevertheless, it will get all its audience back very soon. Moreover, the recent win of Ashutosh Kaushik in Bigg Boss 2 will definitely introduce a new section of the audience to the Roadies. Good Luck to all the Roadies!

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